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  • Why is Google so Good?
    Many people don’t realize or haven’t taken the time to understand what Google has to offer. Google offers so many incredible tools and they are mostly free. This means that everyone can benefit from Google if they simply explore the possibilities that Google offers us. Offers all basic products for free (Give and you shall […]"
  • Buy Leads Vs. Generating Your Own Leads
    Stop spending a fortune on leads! Stop wasting money on lead generation software that doesn’t work or that is sold by sales people earning a HUGE commission on overpriced software — at YOUR expense! Just enter a keyword, and let Geek Meister’s Lead Master gather the BEST sales leads for you. Quickly generate thousands of […]"

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    • Announcing report download limits for the adwords api
      Starting October 8th, 2014 , if you're using the AdWords API without a Standard Access developer token, you will be limited to 1,000 report downloads per day. Previously, there were no daily operational limits applied to report downloads for the Basic Access level. The new limit is being introduced to ensure consistency and high-quality AdWords API platforms for advertisers. If your developer token already has the Standard Access level, then this limit will not be applied."
    • Migrating off the login field in the adwords api
      On November 5, 2014 , we'll be sunsetting the login field in the ManagedCustomer class. We understand this may impact your applications and are recommending the following options to account for this change: Maintaining customer contacts You should not use the login field to manage your clients' contacts and email addresses. You should always maintain your own client contacts. If your application currently relies on the login field, you can use ManagedCustomerService."
    • Support for vpaid 2 javascript creatives in the ima html5 sdk
      We're pleased to announce that the IMA HTML5 SDK now supports VPAID 2 JavaScript creatives. Enabling support is as easy as including the following line before initializing your AdDisplayContainer : google.ima.settings.setVpaidAllowed(true); ... var adDisplayContainer = new google.ima.AdDisplayContainer(adContainerElement); var adsLoader = new google.ima."
    • Adwords upgrades with new mobile ads and real-time creatives
      AdWords is upping their game with big changes in mobile design and small changes with big results for display. Let's begin with mobile. I just wrote a post about how people pay more attention to ads on a smaller screen but simply shrinking your desktop ads to fit a smartphone isn't how it should be done. AdWords is rolling out Mobile lightbox Engagement Ads that dynamically resize to fit the screen. In this example, the ad begins as a thin invitation to click."
    • Study shows consumers are most receptive when they're out in public
      If I'm up against a deadline and I'm pounding away at the keyboard like a mad woman - don't tell me what you want for Christmas or what we need at the grocery store. I might hear you, but I won't HEAR you because my mind is closed off to anything but getting that article done. If you want me to pay attention to what you have to say, you have to wait until I'm in a receptive mood. The same goes for advertising."
    • Yahoo to retire several old products, including the yahoo directory by @mattsouthern
      Yahoo recently announced they will be shifting their focus to what they feel are their core products, which means retiring a few products that no longer fit in with their core offerings. Yahoo says their core products are search, communications, digital magazines, and video " and shifting their focus to those products will allow them to deliver the best for their users. Jay Rossiter, SVP, Cloud Platform Group, stated in a release: At Yahoo,"
    • Facebook launches rebuilt atlas, a rival to google's doubleclick by @mattsouthern
      Facebook has announced the launch of Atlas, an advertising platform which they say has been rebuilt from the ground up to "tackle today's marketing challenges." Facebook describes today's marketing challenges as being able to reach people across devices, and bridging the gap between online impressions and offline purchases. Atlas will purportedly tackle those challenges with a solution that's being called "people-based marketing." Erik Johnson, Head of Atlas,"
    • Create richer ad experiences with enhanced sitelinks (us launch)
      As marketers, you know how important it is to capture the attention of potential customers searching for your product or service online. Today we are pleased to provide another powerful new way to do just that with the launch of Enhanced Sitelinks! With Enhanced Sitelinks, you can create a bigger and bolder ad, capturing more user attention and improving your brand equity. This feature is available to advertisers in the US now,"
    • Former google employees launch adult entertainment search engine
      A handful of former Google employees have created search engine Boodigo, which helps users find pornography on the Internet."
    • 3 tips to start companies that solve the world's problems #emtech by @jboitnott
      There was much to take away from MIT's EmTech conference on future technology. Highlights included learning about the way drones are being used to make our crops grow better and about how Chinese search giant Baidu is delving into artificial intelligence by using deep learning. However, the overarching theme of the event was the young entrepreneur. Whether it's the company helping map peoples' genomes or a firm that builds learning robots,"
    • Collaborative mathematics with sagemathcloud and google cloud platform
      Posted by Craig Citro, Software Engineer ( cross-posted on the Google for Education blog and Google Cloud Platform blog ) Modern mathematics research is distinguished by its openness. The notion of "mathematical truth" depends on theorems being published with proof, letting the reader understand how new results build on the old, all the way down to basic mathematical axioms and definitions. These new results become tools to aid further progress. Nowadays,"
    • Facebook launches atlas, the "anti-ello" ad platform
      Did you feel the earth shift on its axis last week? No it wasn't an earthquake. It was thousands of internet marketers, techies, and gurus all clamoring to gain access to the invite-only, "anti-Facebook" social network, Ello . I was one of them-although I can assure you I didn't inhale and only wanted an invite for ORM reasons. Unfortunately, Ello was mostly a piece of junk. Sorry Ello, but your user interface is less than impressive. Why the stampede?"
    • B2b marketing convergence: disappearing silos, b2c to b2b mind-meld, inbound outbound mastery
      My first experience with B2B Marketing in the digital marketing industry started as the worlds of Public Relations and SEO started to collide early in 2001. Our tiny agency won a media relations account for a $1 billion company in the high tech industry. What set us apart from all the other big PR shops was how we used SEO with PR content to attract incoming media opportunities on top of outbound media pitching and brand content creation."
    • Los cambios de la segmentación por dispositivo relacionados con las tabletas están terminados.
      Como se mencionó en nuestra entrada de blog, vamos a implementar un plan en dos fases para simplificar la segmentación por dispositivo en Bing Ads. Desde la implementación de la compatibilidad con las campañas mejoradas, los anunciantes nos han comentado que la coexistencia del modelo de campañas mejoradas de modificadores de puja y la segmentación explícita por dispositivo añade complejidad a la hora de administrar las campañas de búsqueda de pago en Bing Ads."
    • 7 reasons you'll want to start your free trial of the rainmaker platform today
      Last Monday, we publicly launched the Rainmaker Platform . It's a complete website solution for content marketers and Internet entrepreneurs. With Rainmaker, you can: Create powerful content-driven websites on your own domains. Build membership sites and online training courses. Sell digital products like software, ebooks, and more. Perform sophisticated online lead generation. Optimize your content for search engines and social networks."
    • Got a boring company blog? here's how to fix it
      Company blogs can be a great way to boost SEO, but if your blog is boring it will do you no good. Here are tips for making your content engaging and informative."
    • Good web marketing just isn't enough to succeed anymore
      by Stoney deGeyter As a web marketer for over 15 years I know the benefits of a good SEO/Social Media/Conversion Optimization/Content Marketing campaign. The number of businesses who have succeeded by implementing solid web marketing campaigns is beyond numbering. But not every business that places a heavy emphasis on SEO succeeds. Sometimes, SEO cannot save your business, only you can!"
    • Is your website being indexed properly by google? by @barriesmithii
      One of the most common problems experienced when trying to rank in Google, is that your website is not currently being indexed correctly. If this is the case, it means Google is failing to access your web pages to index your site's content effectively. To check whether your site is efficiently crawled and listed, you will need to log into your Google Webmaster Tools and check the "Google index" tab."
    • Building the next generation of display ads for a multi-screen world
      It's true that mobile devices offer a new canvas for advertisers to connect with consumers, but painting on this canvas has not always been easy. Many marketers started out by shrinking down their existing display ads for mobile, but this didn't always make for a great consumer experience. They also discovered that frequently their existing display ads were not able to run on mobile devices or on mobile browsers. But now,"
    • Mobile site migration planning: rolling your m-dot into your .com
      The mobile mind shift has created a paradigm in which the understanding is that each individual expects more out of each interaction, and their smartphone is the epicenter of their core interactivity."