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  • Why is Google so Good?
    Many people don’t realize or haven’t taken the time to understand what Google has to offer. Google offers so many incredible tools and they are mostly free. This means that everyone can benefit from Google if they simply explore the possibilities that Google offers us. Offers all basic products for free (Give and you shall […]"
  • Buy Leads Vs. Generating Your Own Leads
    Stop spending a fortune on leads! Stop wasting money on lead generation software that doesn’t work or that is sold by sales people earning a HUGE commission on overpriced software — at YOUR expense! Just enter a keyword, and let Geek Meister’s Lead Master gather the BEST sales leads for you. Quickly generate thousands of […]"

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    • Marketing resolutions: moving from lag to lead
      Posted by Dr-Pete It's that time of year - time for all of us to promise to be better people starting January 1st: people who always drink eight 8-oz. glasses of water, floss every night, and never watch 12-hour marathons of Real Housewives when we should be working. Even at work, we're busily crafting our Q1 and 2015 plans for world domination, or at least for not-getting-fired, and trying to ignore how painfully short we fell in Q4 and 2014. This time,"
    • Google adds new features to keep up with what's trending in search and on youtube by @mattsouthern
      Want to know what's trending in Google search? What about the hottest videos on YouTube at this moment? Now it's easier than ever to find out. Google announced that as of today you can search for "2014 trends", or an equivalent search in over 45 different languages, and Google will populate a list of the year's top trends based on Google Trends data. Simply click on one of the topics while in Google search to learn more about it."
    • Seo 101 podcast - episode 192- oct 15th, 2014
      Yahoo Directory goes away, how some mobile search campaigns not being tracked? We also hear client stories dealing with website switching and Google Webmaster Tools. Plus, we hear the story of an interior designer client friend of Ross who has landed an account with Lamborghini and is asked for a crazy favor. 'read more This October 14th SEO 101 podcast is available now: listen or download (right click and save). You can also find all past shows on iTunes ."
    • Report shows super-spenders are more reliant on organic search
      How do you typically find online information or websites you've recently visited? Forrester asked 4,600 US adults this question and I would say "the answers might surprise you" but that would be cliche. Let's just take a look at what happened and see what we can do with the results. Organic search landed in the number one spot (no surprise) but the second, third and fourth options weren't that far behind. Search only got 36% of the vote."
    • Twitter adds mobile targeting option while struggling to catch up on the video side
      80% of Twitter users are doing it on a mobile phone. It's a natural, really. Twitter was designed for short bursts of information - perfect when you're on the go. But over the years, the social network has evolved into more than just a way of sharing your real time excitement at an event or a photo of your lunch, it's now how many people get their news and keep up with the world around them. When a disaster strikes anywhere in the world,"
    • Reject the unexpected - content security policy in gmail
      Posted by Danesh Irani, Software Engineer, Gmail Security (Cross-posted the Gmail blog .) We know that the safety and reliability of your Gmail is super important to you, which is why we're always working on security improvements like serving images through secure proxy servers , and requiring HTTPS . Today, Gmail on the desktop is becoming more secure with support for Content Security Policy (CSP).. There are many great extensions for Gmail. Unfortunately,"
    • Google faces $18.7m fine in netherlands for privacy violations
      The search giant has been ordered to change the way it collects data to target advertising, or face a significantly large fine."
    • The ice bucket challenge and world cup brighten up google's 2014 searches
      2014 was a year full of worry over Ebola and the Malaysia Airlines flight. However, bright spots such as the World Cup and the Ice Bucket Challenge still managed to trend with positive headlines."
    • Seth godin on stepping up and making it happen
      Seth Godin is the author of 17 bestselling books. He's the founder of email marketing pioneer Yoyodyne, and the charity-driven publishing platform Squidoo. And he's the selfless dispenser of daily wisdom via the most popular marketing blog on the planet. But if you had to sum Seth up in one word, it might well be impresario . The classical definition of that word refers to a promoter, manager, or conductor of an opera or concert company. The modern definition,"
    • Little box challenge academic awards
      Posted by Maggie Johnson, Director of Education and University Relations Last July, Google and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power Electronics Society ( IEEE PELS ) announced the Little Box Challenge , a competition designed to push the forefront of new technologies in the research and development of small, high power density inverters. In parallel,"
    • Snoo wants to come home with you for the holidays
      So Snoo may have gained a little bit of weight. Or maybe a lot? Maybe it just got squished shorter. Either way, we think it's totally adorable, and we think all of you should be friends. The guardian, champion, and best friend of your favorite site on the internet is now here in super cute and cuddly form and totally wants to hang out with you."
    • 3 sneaky ways to bid on competitor keywords
      It is possible to bid on competitor brands and get decent quality scores and traffic, so here are three sneaky ways to bid on competitor keywords."
    • Adaptive content: a trend to pay attention to in 2015
      Each new year seems to bring with it a new buzz term or two describing a concept that will change how we reach an audience, or how we build and grow a business. Some of these buzz terms pan out and become legitimate, long-term parts of the lexicon because they work and prove important. Others flash then fade like the pet rock. So the question now as we look ahead to 2015 is what buzz concept should you be paying attention to?"
    • A marketer and a journalist walk into a bar: 5 definitions of brand journalism
      So ' a marketer and a journalist walk into a bar. That could either be the start to a joke meant for somewhere other than this blog, or the beginning of a definition of the term 'brand journalism.' Let's go with the latter. You may have heard the phrase 'brand journalism' tossed around, but what does it mean to marketers? A simple definition of a brand journalist is this: A marketer and a journalist. They can walk into a bar or walk where ever they want."
    • 3 best practices for utilizing the newest bid strategy for outranking competitors by @michaelaknight
      Having a hard time out-bidding your biggest competitors with any of your keyword search campaigns? There's a new, and more discreetly implemented bid strategy that can help you show your ads above the competition whom you thought were 'above your reach.' With Google's new bid strategy "Target outranking share," you can do just that. There has been no official AdWords blog post on the specific strategy yet,"
    • How to make sure your link dev isn't working against all your other marketing (and vice versa)
      In order to make sure you're getting the most out of your link-building efforts, there needs to be strong communication between all members of your organization."
    • 5 smart ways to use linkedin for reputation management by @jeanmariedion
      When it comes to online reputation management, most people head right to Google for solutions. They look for keywords that could harm them, or articles that contain negative information about them, and they come up with new content that will rank just a little higher in Google search results. While that could be a winning strategy (particularly for companies under attack), there's another tool individuals can use to kick up their online cred: LinkedIn. At the moment,"
    • 2015 uk automotive trends by ian webber
      Its that time of year again when all of the 2015 predictions come out. So heres my top three to add into the mix. 1. Is 2015 the year of the Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV)? For the past 3 or 4 years, the market share for alternative fuel vehicles (electric, petrol or diesel hybrid etc) has been hovering around 1.5% and as low as 0.6% in November 2009. The dials appear to be moving on AFV however, with a market share year to date of 2."
    • Your start-to-finish guide to using google's disavow tool
      Posted by MarieHaynes Have you used Google's disavow tool? You might want to. If you have been actively involved in SEO for your website over the last few years, there is a good chance that you have unnatural links pointing to your site. These can hurt you in the eyes of Google's Penguin algorithm. Or, in some cases they can even get you a manual unnatural links penalty."
    • A year in search: the moments that defined 2014
      Every year, we reflect on the moments that made us laugh, smile from ear to ear, or stay gripped to our screens in our annual Year in Search . In 2014, we were struck by the death of a beloved comedian, and watched news unfold about a horrific plane crash and a terrifying disease. We were captivated by the beautiful game, and had fun with birds, a bucket of ice, and a frozen princess. Watch our video to rediscover the events,"