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  • Why is Google so Good?
    Many people don’t realize or haven’t taken the time to understand what Google has to offer. Google offers so many incredible tools and they are mostly free. This means that everyone can benefit from Google if they simply explore the possibilities that Google offers us. Offers all basic products for free (Give and you shall […]"
  • Buy Leads Vs. Generating Your Own Leads
    Stop spending a fortune on leads! Stop wasting money on lead generation software that doesn’t work or that is sold by sales people earning a HUGE commission on overpriced software — at YOUR expense! Just enter a keyword, and let Geek Meister’s Lead Master gather the BEST sales leads for you. Quickly generate thousands of […]"

  • Recent SEO News and Tips: These are external posts from top SEO websites to help improve your business:

    • Life of a dfp video line item part i
      Your DFP network is already serving thousands of image, text, and custom ads. But now you want to start monetizing your video content. This two-part blog post will get you started with video ads. We'll start with creating and trafficking your ad using the DFP API, and then show you how to display it using the IMA SDK. Before you start If you're new to video ads, check out this help center article for a little more background."
    • Groupon pivots with the rollout of pages
      Where do you go if you want to get the real scoop on local businesses? Yelp? Angie's List? Groupon? Groupon just announced the launch of 7 million new merchant listings called Pages ; "making Groupon the first place to go for ratings, tips, money-saving opportunities and other useful information for local businesses in the United States." I don't know about the "first place" part, but it's a nice try. This is the merchant page for Adventura ."
    • Inbox by google: gmail as your new 'to do' list
      If you use your email box as a To Do list, you're going to get very excited when you see what Google is rolling out this week. It's not so much a Gmail update as it is a whole new way to process email. It's called Inbox and it takes the best of what other third-party apps do and rolls it into one, simple unit. Unlike most email handlers, Inbox groups, highlights and reschedules messages. It also acts as a personal assistant,"
    • Twitter introduces digits, a password-free sign in solution for apps and websites by @mattsouthern
      Today at Twitter Flight, the company's first mobile developer conference, a new sign in service called Digits was introduced. Digits is being touted as a new way for users to sign into apps and websites without the use of a password. With Digits you only need a phone number, which Twitter promises is safe and easy to use. It's also free for app developers and users. We built Digits after doing extensive research around the world about how people use their smartphones."
    • Improvements to labels in adwords scripts
      We have made the following improvements to labels in AdWords scripts based on your feedback: You can now create and remove account labels using AdWords scripts. You can also apply or remove labels on child accounts under an MCC account. You can now retrieve IDs for labels within an AdWords account. This feature comes in handy when you want to limit report results to entities with specific labels, since labels are filtered by label ID. You can see a code snippet here ."
    • Google reinvents the email experience with new 'inbox' app by @mattsouthern
      Today, Google announced the launch of a brand new email app that was said to be years in the making. From the creators of Gmail comes a new email experience called Inbox. Google describes Inbox as "a completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters." The new app aims to solve the challenges faced by those who receive an abundance of email each day. As we continue to receive more email,"
    • The votes are in: bing, internet explorer, & cnn partner for 2014 elections
      Bing has formed a partnership with Internet Explorer and CNN that could in fact be a game-changer for the 2014 elections."
    • An inbox that works for you
      Today, we're introducing something new. It's called Inbox . Years in the making, Inbox is by the same people who brought you Gmail, but it's not Gmail: it's a completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters. Email started simply as a way to send digital notes around the office. But fast-forward 30 years and with just the phone in your pocket,"
    • Gmail, google+, and hangouts suffer outage across europe
      The hour-long problem sees services replaced with 500-error messages."
    • Share your thoughts on adsense, admob and other google publisher solutions
      Your thoughts and suggestions play a key role in shaping our publisher offerings. That's why we're looking forward to hearing from you in our semi-annual publisher survey launching on November 4th. Make your voice heard by sharing your thoughts, and help us provide you a more useful and impactful publisher experience. The feedback collected from this survey is closely reviewed to help determine our product roadmap. Thanks to your suggestions last time round,"
    • Bing ads scheduled maintenance on sunday, november 2 from 11am to 12pm (pacific time)
      On Sunday, November 2, some Bing Ads systems will be unavailable from approximately 11:00 am to 12:00 pm Pacific Time due to system maintenance. During this time, your campaigns will continue to run normally and ads will serve. You will be able to log in to Bing Ads but you wont be able to view performance data and perform certain operations."
    • #halloween e-commerce: how much do people spend to celebrate october 31st? [infographic] by @wonderwall7
      With my favorite holiday of the year fast approaching, and my annual viewings of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus out of the way, I thought this infographic on e-commerce spending surrounding Halloween was really interesting. Can you believe that almost $7 billion is spent annually on costumes? Add that to decorations and candy, and Halloween can be a pricey holiday for many Americans. Enjoy these other facts about Halloween online purchasing behavior."
    • Penguin 3.0: a proven roadmap to recovery
      Many wondered if recovery from Penguin was even possible; in this case study, we'll show you that it's not only possible, but exactly the steps we took to accomplish this recovery."
    • Ello: an answer to international online privacy worries?
      Lately, there has been a buzz around new social networks and mailing platforms that promise their users privacy protection and no ads. One of these social network platforms in particular seems to have stirred quite an interest. There have been articles all over the media about it, as it seems to resolve issues not previously tackled by Facebook and its contemporaries. This new platform called Ello claims to offer users everything they want (privacy, no ads,"
    • The ultimate copy checklist: 51 questions to optimize every element of your online copy [free poster]
      So, you've written a piece of sales copy . Congratulations " that's no small feat. But, before you celebrate, there's just one issue: Now what? After all, as I'm sure you've heard before: "There is no such thing as great writing. Only great rewriting ." And why is "great rewriting" important? One reason: the bottom line. Will it compel? Will it convert? Will it close? You need to learn how to optimize first draft copy to support your bottom line."
    • Google panda and the high risk of using aggressive or deceptive advertising
      Aggressive or deceptive advertising tactics can heavily impact user engagement, which in turn can cause serious Panda issues. Learn how to avoid, and deal with, advertising tactics that ring the Panda dinner bell."
    • Use verticals to increase reach
      In the last post , we looked at how SEO has always been changing, but one thing remains constant - the quest for information. Given people will always be on a quest for information, and given there is no shortage of information, but there is limited time, then there will always be a marketing imperative to get your information seen either ahead of the competition, or in places where the competition haven't yet targeted."
    • How to run facebook ads for an e-commerce site by @esornoso
      Facebook has a vast potential for businesses. But it can be difficult and frustrating knowing where to start, and how to proceed. I'm hoping this quick guide can point you in the right direction. Whether you have a large or small business, advertising through Facebook is one way to create buzz for your products, get conversions, and understand your audience. I've found engaging with your audience is so simple and one of the best ways to make online stores more successful."
    • Facebook ads: lessons from the trenches
      Much like those of its search-cousins AdWords or Bing Ads, Facebook Ads' feature sets change frequently, leaving us in a constant state of learning and testing to find out what works."
    • Eye tracking in 2014: how users view and interact with today's google serps
      Posted by rMaynes1 In September 2014, Mediative released its latest eye-tracking research entitled " The Evolution of Google's Search Engine Results Pages and Their Effects on User Behaviour ". This large study had participants conduct various searches using Google on a desktop. For example, participants were asked "Imagine you're moving from Toronto to Vancouver. Use Google to find a moving company in Toronto." Participants were all presented with the same Google SERP,"