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  • Why is Google so Good?
    Many people don’t realize or haven’t taken the time to understand what Google has to offer. Google offers so many incredible tools and they are mostly free. This means that everyone can benefit from Google if they simply explore the possibilities that Google offers us. Offers all basic products for free (Give and you shall […]"
  • Buy Leads Vs. Generating Your Own Leads
    Stop spending a fortune on leads! Stop wasting money on lead generation software that doesn’t work or that is sold by sales people earning a HUGE commission on overpriced software — at YOUR expense! Just enter a keyword, and let Geek Meister’s Lead Master gather the BEST sales leads for you. Quickly generate thousands of […]"

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    • Larry page transfers leadership of core google products, including search, re/code reports by @mattsouthern
      Re/code reported late Friday evening on a reorganization of Google management. Sources close to the situation tell Re/code that Google CEO Larry Page is transferring leadership of core Google products to Sundar Pichai. A memo was reportedly sent to Google staff this afternoon informing them of the changes. Pichai will now oversee research, search, maps, Google+, commerce and ad products and infrastructure. In addition,"
    • Facebook embraces anonymity with the launch of new 'rooms' ios app by @mattsouthern
      Facebook has announced the launch of new iOS app that encourages users to interact anonymously in a way that's reminiscent of late 90's - early 2000's chat rooms. The company concedes that's where the inspiration for the app came from, stating in the announcement that 'Rooms' was "inspired by both the ethos of these early web communities and the capabilities of modern smartphones." Rooms works by allowing users to create their own identities,"
    • Friday social round-up: linkedin, pandora and twitter halloween
      It's the Friday round-up: this time, it's social! A Very Twitter Halloween October 31 is only a week away but Twitter says it's not too late to get your piece of the $7 billion dollar Halloween pie. One of the great things about social is that you can jump on a trend at the last minute so you have plenty of time to whip up some Halloween treats. Some of the best content will be shared on Halloween, after everyone has donned their costumes,"
    • Tumblr announces 40 percent growth and a fancy new video player
      You've heard of Pop-Up Video? Tumblr now has Pop-Out Video! I know that sounds like they've perfected an incredible 3D video player but no. . . . What it really means is that you can pop the video out of any Tumblr stream so you can watch on a continuous loop while you skim your Tumblr feed. Instant second screen! But that's not all! Log on now and you can embed your Vine and Instagram videos absolutely FREE! I know it looks like I made that cheesy graphic,"
    • Through the google lens: search trends october 17-23
      So what's the word on the (internet) street these days? Search trends has you covered with the latest news that had everyone talking this past week. The hard goodbye This week, searchers paid their respects to legendary clothing designer Oscar de La Renta , who he passed away on Monday at the age of 82. Once called "The Sultan of Suave," De la Renta was known for evening gowns that regularly graced the red carpets of Hollywood-and the closets of the White House."
    • Do online shoppers still care about brands?
      by Mike Moran Conventional wisdom says that shoppers do not care about brands anymore. Retailers lament that brand loyalty is dead-that customers just search for products now instead of coming to their websites. Where once shoppers cared about Sears, Macy's, or dozens of other names, now they don't care where they buy from. To some extent they are right, but they are drawing the wrong conclusion. It isn't that brands don't matter anymore."
    • Bing ads scheduled maintenance on sunday, november 2 from 11am to 12pm (pacific time)
      On Sunday, November 2, some Bing Ads systems will be unavailable from approximately 11:00 am to 12:00 pm Pacific Time due to system maintenance. During this time, your campaigns will continue to run normally and ads will serve. You will be able to log."
    • Bing ads opportunities tab is now available in all markets
      Back in August, we announced the availability of the Opportunities tab in Bing Ads with the caveat that it was a US only release at that time. Today, Im pleased to let you know that the Opportunities tab has now been rolled out to all Bing Ads markets!* If youre not already familiar with the Opportunities tab, its a feature within Bing Ads that not only provides you with campaign performance optimization suggestions,"
    • Universal event tracking: a new and improved way to track your sites' activities in bing ads
      We are pleased to announce the general availability of Universal Event Tracking (UET) to our advertisers worldwide. UET provides a simple yet powerful way to define and track goals (performance/conversion) that are important for your business. With UET."
    • Helping teachers teach computer science
      Posted by Karen Parker, Education Program Manager and Jason Ravitz, Education Evaluation Manager (Cross-posted on the Google for Education Blog ) Since 2009, Google's CS4HS (Computer Science for High School) grant program has connected more than 12,000 computer science (CS) teachers with skills and resources to teach CS in fun and relevant ways. An estimated 600,"
    • How to diagnose and cure 9 major content marketing problems by @copypress
      Are your content marketing efforts in good health? Most mistakes people make with content marketing are totally avoidable. Let's look at how to avoid the most common problems. Symptom 1: No Steering Wheel, No Focus Using content marketing without a strategy is like trying to drive a car without a steering wheel - you will get nowhere fast. If you're not sure who you're creating content for and what they need to get from it,"
    • Are you avoiding these 3 trouble areas in international ppc?
      What are some of the most common problems international brands face in their paid search management?"
    • Universal event tracking: una forma nueva y mejorada de llevar un seguimiento de la actividad del sitio en bing ads
      Nos complace anunciar que ya está disponible de forma generalizada el Universal Event Tracking (UET) para nuestros anunciantes de todo el mundo. UET es un método sencillo y eficaz para definir y llevar un seguimiento de los objetivos (rendimiento/conversión) importantes para el negocio. Con UET podrá asociar la consecución de estos objetivos con las campañas publicitarias en todas las cuentas, campañas y dispositivos."
    • 5 untapped content ideation tips by @venchito14
      Content ideation is the process of finding relevant topics for content creation and deciding which ones would really resonate with your brand's target audience. There are many ways to look for ideas for content pieces. Some of the common ones are: Doing a Google search for head terms and identify what topic is most commonly discussed. Use Ubersuggest or Google Keyword Planner to find keywords/terms with high monthly searches."
    • 3 ways to form more integrated social and seo teams
      Social and SEO teams can sometimes play juxtaposing roles on paper. But to be truly successful, both social and SEO should engage in a two-way conversation between businesses and their target audiences."
    • #marketingnerds podcast: frederick vallaeys on advanced scripting with paid search by @johnrampton
      Frederick Vallaeys is an AdWords expert that helped create AdWords at Google. He worked at Google for seven years before starting Optmyzr. In this episode, Fred goes into how you can manage Adwords better by learning scripts. Scripts allow you to scale Adwords with several clients and handle the heavy lifting or tedious work we all do in our accounts."
    • Online marketing news: a squeaky new penguin, 2015 content trends, adwords declines
      9 Mistakes Most Businesses Make on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] - Getting into social is so easy, many business jump right in without a second though. Everyone is doing it, right? Check out these 9 mistakes many businesses are making on social and how you can make sure you aren't making them. Social Media Today Google Releases Penguin 3."
    • Universal event tracking: eine neue und verbesserte möglichkeit, die aktivitäten ihrer website in bing ads zu verfolgen
      Wir freuen uns sehr, unseren Werbekunden weltweit die allgemeine Verfügbarkeit von Universal Event Tracking (UET) ankündigen zu dürfen. UET bietet eine ebenso einfache wie leistungsstarke Möglichkeit, (Leistungs-/Konversions-)Ziele festzulegen und zu nachzuverfolgen, die für Ihr Unternehmen wichtig sind. Mit UET können Sie den Erfolg dieser Ziele mit Ihren Werbekampagnen über verschiedene Konten, Anzeigenkampagnen und Geräte hinweg verbinden."
    • Rastreamento universal de eventos: uma nova e aprimorada forma de rastrear as atividades de seu site no bing ads
      Temos o prazer de anunciar a disponibilização geral do Rastreamento universal de eventos (UET, Universal Event Tracking) para nossos anunciantes em todo o mundo. O UET fornece um forma simples porém eficiente de definir e rastrear as metas (desempenho/conversão) que são importantes para seus negócios. Com o UET, você pode associar o sucesso dessas metas às suas campanhas publicitárias em várias contas, campanhas de anúncios e dispositivos. Ele permite que você, o anunciante,"
    • Is it possible to have good seo simply by having great content - whiteboard friday
      Posted by randfish This question, posed by Alex Moravek in our Q&A section, has a somewhat complicated answer. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand discusses how organizations might perform well in search rankings without doing any link building at all, relying instead on the strength of their content to be deemed relevant and important by Google. For reference, here's a still of this week's whiteboard! Video transcription Howdy Moz fans,"