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  • Why is Google so Good?
    Many people don’t realize or haven’t taken the time to understand what Google has to offer. Google offers so many incredible tools and they are mostly free. This means that everyone can benefit from Google if they simply explore the possibilities that Google offers us. Offers all basic products for free (Give and you shall […]"
  • Buy Leads Vs. Generating Your Own Leads
    Stop spending a fortune on leads! Stop wasting money on lead generation software that doesn’t work or that is sold by sales people earning a HUGE commission on overpriced software — at YOUR expense! Just enter a keyword, and let Geek Meister’s Lead Master gather the BEST sales leads for you. Quickly generate thousands of […]"

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    • Sunset of v201403 of the dfp api
      It's that time again - time to say goodbye to another version of the DFP API. In accordance with our deprecation schedule , v201403 has been deprecated and is scheduled for sunset on Tuesday, June 30 2015 . At that time, any requests made to v201403 will return errors. If you're currently using v201403, there's still time to migrate to the latest and greatest v201502. To do so, check the release notes to identify any breaking changes,"
    • 'try it from a different angle' and 2 other game-changing editing lessons from a shoddy vacuum
      What are you refraining from doing that could dramatically change your content? For your online business to produce your desired results, you may need rethink your strategy to provide the best experience for your target audience. If you think a task is too difficult, this might be the time to try it anyway. In this 8-minute episode of Editor-in-Chief,"
    • The best articles always have this (and a great headline)
      Everything up to now " all these markers that flag a reader to come in for a landing " traded in words. But not the next element. And curiously enough, it's probably as important and powerful as the headline. Remember the episode of Rough Draft about the headline experiment involving Google Reader? Remember how host Demian Farnworth said he learned that trick from Robert Scoble, who claimed to be able to "read" 1,000 blog posts in a very short period of time? Well,"
    • Mobilegeddon: is your website visible on mobile searches?
      by Jayson DeMers Owners of websites are starting to see impact from Google's recent algorithm update known as "mobilegeddon," which launched on April 21, 2015. The major impact of this algorithm update is that mobile devices now have very different search results than those displayed on desktop browsers. The reason for this change is to ensure users on mobile devices have a consistently positive experience. Google's decision mostly considers "mobile friendliness" of a site ."
    • #mobilemadness: a campaign to help you go mobile-friendly
      Millions of people tuned in this past March to #MobileMadness , a global campaign to help prepare webmasters for the mobile search ranking change that went live last week. The monthlong highlights included presentations, a Q&A session, office hours, polls, tips and a 30 day challenge to go mobile-friendly. Enjoy the full recap below! Maximize your online strategy & search performance In this presentation, learn to create an online strategy for your business,"
    • The eu plans to create a single digital market in europe
      Global Marketing News - 27th April The EU Plans to Create a Single Digital Market in Europe The European Commission is set to announce that it wants to create a single digital market across the EU. Currently, all 28 member states have 28 different sets of digital laws. The European Commission wants to replace the 28 different sets of laws with a single law for the entire EU dealing with online data, copyright issues and VAT rules."
    • 3 awesome ppc tips to attract more qualified leads to your unglamorous saas offerings by @chappymargot
      SaaS marketers, listen up! Check out these few PPC tips to incorporate into your paid search efforts and start attracting the traffic that matters. The post 3 Awesome PPC Tips to Attract More Qualified Leads to Your Unglamorous SaaS Offerings by @ChappyMargot appeared first on Search Engine Journal ."
    • 6 content tips for adapting to the post-mobilegeddon world
      Beyond the site and landing page adjustments of a post-Mobilegeddon world, marketers should also be mindful of how to format and align their content for maximum mobile impact and consumption."
    • The print magazine hoax: 10 overlooked lessons on writing great content
      Fans of the Internet love to mock print magazines. They love to gloat and preen as the gate to Big Media's kingdom has been thrown open " and the gatekeepers are torn from their thrones and tossed in the moat (the pockets of their blazers stuffed with rocks). We watch from a distance as the city burns to the ground. Like there is nothing redeemable about these institutions. That's unfortunate. Because they actually have a lot to teach us."
    • The value of links
      Links aren't valuable because of Google; Google is valuable because of its use of links."
    • 4 effective customer-centric content marketing ideas for "boring" industries
      Here are four ideas to help you create powerful content, no matter your industry, that will engage your target audience and earn links and shares, boosting your search rankings."
    • How to engage and persuade people through storytelling by @neilpatel
      Storytelling is so powerful that it's been around for over 40,000 years. So how can you use storytelling to engage and persuade your website visitors? The post How to Engage and Persuade People Through Storytelling by @neilpatel appeared first on Search Engine Journal ."
    • 2015 enterprise b2b content marketing report: more isn't better
      Companies in the B2B space from IBM to HubSpot have been actively and effectively engaging prospects with longer sales cycle content for years. Like many competitive environments, a lot of emphasis for marketers has been about creating "more" content. More blog posts, videos, infographics, social messages, emails, and so on. But here's the thing about "more content" when it comes to enterprise-sized organizations."
    • ​the 3 most common seo problems on listings sites
      Posted by Dom-Woodman Listings sites have a very specific set of search problems that you don't run into everywhere else. In the day I'm one of Distilled's analysts, but by night I run a job listings site, teflSearch. So, for my first Moz Blog post I thought I'd cover the three search problems with listings sites that I spent far too long agonising about. Quick clarification time: What is a listings site (i.e. will this post be useful for you)?"
    • Growth hack your company with these 8 tricks by @larryalton3
      When you're strapped for resources and low on capital, growth hacking is your best option. However, not every strategy works and it's important to play follow the leader to see how successful companies have done it in the past. The post Growth Hack Your Company With These 8 Tricks by @LarryAlton3 appeared first on Search Engine Journal ."
    • Will amazon become the source for home repair? by @submitexpress to offer a new service for finding local home repair services and purchasing the services direct on Amazon. The post Will Amazon Become the Source for Home Repair? by @submitexpress appeared first on Search Engine Journal ."
    • Seo 101: make your site stand out in serps with rich snippet mark-up by @vertical_coop
      Let's talk abou structured mark-up and rich snippets, as well as its relevance among Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The post SEO 101: Make Your Site Stand Out in SERPs With Rich Snippet Mark-Up by @vertical_coop appeared first on Search Engine Journal ."
    • Don't buy my links, buy my expertise by @jessestoler
      In link building, demanding that your team or agency build X amount of links in a certain time frame can be dangerous to your overall online marketing goals. The quality of links greatly outweighs the rate at which you build any and all links. The post Don't Buy My Links, Buy My Expertise by @JesseStoler appeared first on Search Engine Journal ."
    • Celebrating newton's discoveries: how the master might have used google apps
      Posted by Erzsi Sousa, Product Marketing Manager (Cross-posted on the Google for Education Blog .) Editor's note: We're jumping into our Delorean to explore how some of our favorite historical figures might have worked with Google Apps . Today, on the anniversary of Isaac Newton's knighthood, we imagine his research in a Google Apps universe.. In April 1705, Isaac Newton was knighted for his many accomplishments."
    • #sejthinktank webinar recap: current trends in link building & content marketing by @dantosz
      For this month's first webinar, the Marketing ThinkTank welcomed back SEJ Founder Loren Baker and SEJ Chief Social Media Strategist Brent Csutoras to talk about link building and content marketing. The post #SEJThinkTank Webinar Recap: Current Trends in Link Building & Content Marketing by @dantosz appeared first on Search Engine Journal ."